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The festival music is ridiculously catchy, this is a great game!


Please tell me there's plans to make a 64 bit version, I desperately want to play this on my Mac!

One of the few gaming experiences that I think back to from time to time and thats probably because everytime I play it I feel like shit. I really beefed things up in my save and often find myself going to sleep hungry but I guess that's just life. The ingame diary is really more comforting than I care to admit.


absolutely adore this game, but I can't play it at the moment since it doesn't run on m1 macs, was wondering if anyone would have a fix for that?


The devs will have to create a 64bit version, I suspect. I came here to ask the same thing :( 

I couldn't play the game for very long due to sound issues.
I couldn't turn the music all the way off and it would only play on one side of my headphones instead of both resulting in me getting nauseus.


This is one of my absolute favorite games of all time. I've played through twice in a row and it's just given me something special in terms of creative experiences.

The portrayals of religion and gender and social conduct are fascinating. The subtle worldbuilding is fantastic. The oppressive economy is immersive. The passive puzzle-solving necessary to survive on a daily basis is fresh. The visual style is so warm and vivid and fun. And I still get the festival music stuck in my head.

>My excited Steam review from earlier this year<


this. I think this is my favorite game of all time.

Thank you, i love this thing so much

I'm really liking this game, but I've gotten stuck and I can't tell if it's because of a bug or if I'm just being stupid. I can't find the third tablet piece in the sewerdungeon; I've figured out that I need to go into the green sewer water, but no matter where I look I just can't see the piece anywhere. I feel like it should be more obvious/shouldn’t be super hidden, especially because the perspective change throws you off enough already. Am I missing something or is this a bug?


Hi! I was curious if there is a plan to update the game to run on new version of Mac?


this game is awesome! ive played it on my windows computer and recently downloaded it on my mac so that i could play it there. its saying that the game "needs to be updated" to run on my mac however- if you have any ideas of how i could fix this to play again id appreciate help!


I bought this in a bundle but never received a steam key for it. The only thing I have access to downloading is the patch and the bonus content?

The patch seems to be a reference to a patched full version. If you download it it'll play. Just tried it myself. 

Thanks for the tip!!

sweet game to play in short bursts so your brain doesn't fry from overexposure or repetition. music owns too. appreciate the shoutout from Ali Yaga


hey is this game ever gonna be updated? it's really neat 

amazing game


This game is so charming and easy to spend vast amounts of time playing. Three quality of gameplay updates I would love to see:
1. Allow for us to see the name of an item in the inventory without having to 'open' it.

2. Have a quick key that turns on a similar arrow to the quest guidance to go home. 

3. A map of some sort. 


In my opinion these would defeat the purpose of the intentionally annoying UI


Worth noting that this isn't Mac-Compatible past 10.14, because it's a 32-bit executable. Can't launch on Catalina or above.


PLEASE READ IF YOUR ARE BUYING THE GAME (game breaking if you don't know before hand)

I LOVED this game so so much. But my save file got corrupted because i didn't pick up the tablet you get from collecting the religious fetishes because I didnt see it. The next day it disappeared from my game. I highly recommend the game, but if you do buy it make sure you have that tablet piece before you sleep so you don't have to completely start over hours of gameplay.


Absolutely unique experience. Not always fun, but plays really well with a podcast in the background.


Is there a way I can purchase the bonus content separately?  I had gotten this game in the bundle but I'd still like to pay for the bonus stuff like the wallpapers and such.  


this is the game that most excited me in the bundle! however, i was very disappointed to find that it hasn't been updated in 4 years, rendering it completely incompatible with catalina, and the developers haven't responded to a single comment since the game's publishing, both here and on steam. like, even users who paid full price for this outside of the bundle. might as well remove the mac download link and the mac symbol from the bundle page if it doesn't work and you don't intend to fix it.


I really love this game, and I've been playing it for days, but I've experienced a major glitch twice that's driving me nuts. I'll get a piece of tablet, hold onto it for a few days, deposit it in my home, and then it disappears from my home inventory. The characters I collect the pieces from still act like they've been collected (although the blue arrows that appear when I'm near them still appear), so I can't simply redo a task. I reset my game once already, and now it has happened a second time just after I finished the third task. This is a great game I've had so much fun playing, but I'm not sure if I want to redo everything for a third time. 


Been playing this for the past two days and I'm in love with it. Definitely part of my top 5 favorite games I've ever played, it feels so unique and oddly immersive. Also the music is great.


2nd game I tried from the bundle for racial justice and equality,

It scratches this specific spot for me where I just wanna wander in a town with a day and night cycle with quests i dont have to complete asap.

Kinda bugged me that some designs like the sound and visuals doesn't give a clear feedback to the player when interacted.

It's rough and charming, I'm pretty lost but I suppose that's a part of it. I'll try playing it with the guide this time.


Please update it for the latest macbook!


seconded! I'm keen to play this game but I am unable to for the same reason

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This is honestly really cool. I surely will get back to playing soon

EDIT: and now that i found the map in the manual, I will definitely go back! 

A game hasn't touched me like this for a very long time

all the screens in the game are flickering, does anyone know how to fix this?

I think this is done on purpose 🙂

it doesnt look like it is, it is as if two textures are colliding, and its asymetrically going through red and blue. flickering but like, not flickering?


The animations up above show the same effect. The z-fighting is definitely on purpose here.

oh sorry

Deleted 329 days ago

The game runs in Wine.

I can give you directions if you want.

Can't move neither up or left. :(

I changed the key bindings ioin the launcher though.

I got it as part of the bundle but no matter how I nav to this page I see no download button or link :(


you have to dl thru the link you gotr with the bundle


you have to go to the bundle page and download it from there (My library -> my purchases -> bundles)


got it thanks!!


oh this is something really wonderful and bizarre in the friendliest way. what could be better than the humdrum life of an alien culture. a fantastic dream with music i would like to bump everywhere.


I got this game as part of a bundle with no context, and I'm glad for that -- discovering the game world has been amazing. The spaceport really feel like a crowded, sprawling, labyrinthine city, alive with people, music, and questionable food stalls. It's dripping with atmosphere, character, storytelling, and thought-provoking discoveries. Ten out of ten, no question.

(For anyone concerned as I was, despite the skull in the screenshots, this game is not a surprise horror game.)

Description says "Last update: Jul 08, 2019".

Does it mean it's identical to Steam's now?

Did you ditch the BETA branch or something?


This is indeed a little hidden gem. I really enjoyed it.

I absolutely love this game's visuals! It's got a really cool mix of 2D and 3D that you don't see very often. I wish more games did that sort of thing.

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I may be reading this wrong, but it looks like the version on (Oct 2016) is over a year out of date for patches compared to the Steam version (Dec 2017 beta(?), March 2017 stable).

Also, I noticed that it doesn't save progress after the intro sequence, even though it says it does. You have to play a full day before it saves for real. I thought the saving was broken at first, but not quite! Confusing.

I'm curious to see what Sundae Month does for their next projects!

Wait... What? Is it true?

Fudge! I think I never redeemed my Steam key... Was is in an email?

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I think if you can't find your download info in an email, maybe you can find it on your My Purchases page?

Found it! Phew! Thanks!

This game is very veyr nice!

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Hi! Is it possible to also have a Linux build for this? :) Would love to play!


I play this game under Linux using Wine.

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