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I may be reading this wrong, but it looks like the version on (Oct 2016) is over a year out of date for patches compared to the Steam version (Dec 2017 beta(?), March 2017 stable).

Also, I noticed that it doesn't save progress after the intro sequence, even though it says it does. You have to play a full day before it saves for real. I thought the saving was broken at first, but not quite! Confusing.

I'm curious to see what Sundae Month does for their next projects!

Wait... What? Is it true?

Fudge! I think I never redeemed my Steam key... Was is in an email?

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I think if you can't find your download info in an email, maybe you can find it on your My Purchases page?

Found it! Phew! Thanks!

This game is very veyr nice!

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Hi! Is it possible to also have a Linux build for this? :) Would love to play!


I play this game under Linux using Wine.


Took me long enough to deliver on, but I'm keeping my word.
Shasha, getting to watch your game during development was a real treat. From the night that you and dadford were excited and telling me about the game concept at your place, the time you were telling me about the non-euclidean space article correction, the advertisements melting my eyes to getting to doodle some trash for you. I don't really know what happened after that point, but from what I hear I should be surprised by new things. I look forward to any future projects you make and possibly even just stretching out on your couch and playing a game with you again if you can find time. <3

I already said it before, but great work all of you on the team. I'm glad I'm finally going to get to play your game.


<3 love you!


I tested this on Steam when it was in beta, but didn't feel I contributed as much as I should have, so I haven't played the free version I got on there. I don't buy indie games for less than full price anymore.

Présentation en français ! :


Is there a way to get the Library of Secrets if we bought the game on Steam?

I'm also interrested to know.


This game is an ABSOLUTE GEM! I can't believe how weird it is and how incredibly original and amazing it is at the same time! So far, I've loved everything about this game! I'm falling in love really quick! Great job, guys! This game deserves more exposure!

I just came here to say WOW!!. This game is beautiful!

I've really enjoyed this game so far! But I seem to be stuck because of a bug (I assume) :/

I'm at the top of the ziggurat and the arrow seems to be pointing down in the ground. I realize this is the sort of thing to expect on an 'anti-adventure' but I hope you can help!


What was the game engine you used to make this game?

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Any chance for a Steam code if I buy from here? If so I'll happily pay a little more.

Buying the game here on itch also gives you a download key for steam :)

No linux support, even though it shows the icon?

It seems there are no Linux binaries, even though the description claims that there's Linux support?!?

Saw this today but didn't get a chance to try it. Wish there was a demo!

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